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Who doesn't want their shoes to look great?  That includes the kids but children's shoes do get damaged and spending a fortune on a new pair is definitely not welcome!

Now you can restore them for pennies.

If the shoes are black patent and scuffed, go for Patent Magic.  If they are patent and have deep scratches, use the UV Gel Scratch repair as you can apply it and sand out the scratches when dry before reapplying.  The Premium version comes with a shiny protective top coat.  For non-patent black leather use New Leather which is also great on bags, boots, even leather seats.

All are formulated for toughness and flexibility, using the latest resin tech. 


Not just for the kids' shoes

Keep your own black patent shoes looking great.

And repair those scraped black heels on any pair of shoes with a shiny black heel.

Restore Scuffs and Scratches on Black Patent Leather Shoes

About Us

Charles Stewart patent leather restorer repairs scratches, scuffs and more serious damage on black patent leather shoes.  Only £7.99 including post and packing. Each bottle contains product for up to 50 uses so only pennies for each repair. Great for kids' patent school shoes where damage is almost inevitable.  Save money buying new shoes.  They're only going to grow out of them!

 Charles Stewart have developed the world's first flexible patent leather repair and restorer.  Our unique formula is designed for strength with flexibility using the latest in resin technology.  The repair continues to strengthen in the UV in natural daylight.

Easy to apply and quick drying.  With more substantial damage, smooth ridges away with an emery board or fine sand paper before applying a coat of black.  Allow to dry completely and repeat as often as is necessary to get the finish you want.  It's amazing what you can achieve.  See the feedback on Amazon and Ebay.

Keep your own black patent shoes looking great