Charles Stewart Patent Leather Restorer

Charles Stewart New Leather


Introducing the Charles Stewart New Leather Repair solution, your ultimate remedy for restoring black leather shoes from scratches, scuffs, and even more substantial damage. Priced at just £7.99 and offering free delivery, this repair kit is a cost-effective solution to revive your beloved footwear.

This specially formulated repair kit is designed to tackle the wear and tear experienced by both genuine and synthetic leather. Say goodbye to the expense of purchasing new shoes—this product saves you significant costs by allowing you to restore your shoes to their former glory.

Ideal for kids' school shoes that often fall victim to inevitable damage, this repair kit rescues your investment for mere pennies, ensuring long-lasting use despite daily wear and tear.

Each bottle of our repair solution generously caters for up to 40 uses, making it an incredibly economical choice, costing only pennies per repair. Not limited to shoes, this versatile product is also effective for reviving boots, worn-out bags, work boots, car seats, and office chairs.

Application is a breeze—simply follow the easy-to-use directions included. Begin by smoothing away roughness using the provided emery paper. Prior to application, remove any residual shoe polish using a solvent like white spirit or nail polish remover. Once applied, allow the solution to dry completely, and if necessary, apply a further coat for optimal results.

Our formula boasts quick-drying properties, ensuring a swift transformation of your leather goods. Experience the ease of restoring your cherished leather items with Charles Stewart New Leather Repair—reclaim their original lustre effortlessly.

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