Charles Stewart Patent Leather Restorer

Charles Stewart Patent Magic Ultra


Revitalize your worn patent leather shoes effortlessly with Charles Stewart Patent Magic. Enhance their appeal and fortify their resilience by applying a coat of Ultrashine for an added layer of gloss and protection. This powerful combination safeguards your shoes and handbags, sparing you from the unnecessary expense of replacements.

Charles Stewart Patent Magic is your key to rejuvenating patent leather items. This remarkable solution efficiently repairs scuffs and scratches, offering a cost-effective alternative to the hassle of sourcing new shoes or handbags.

Following the application of Patent Magic, elevate the sheen and shield your items from future damage with Ultrashine. This protective coating not only amplifies the gloss but also acts as a barrier against wear and tear, ensuring your cherished patent leather accessories maintain their allure for longer.

Avoid the financial strain of constantly replacing your beloved patent leather items. With Charles Stewart Patent Magic and Ultrashine, refurbish their appearance and fortify their durability, ensuring they retain their elegance for an extended period.

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